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I work primarily with glass beads, but I have combined them with my love of metalsmithing. I have a tremendous respect for all forms of glass working. I have even learned to lampwork but I do not have enough time to hone that art along with my metalsmithing. I use beads that I have purchased from other glass bead artists, most of whom do not make jewelry to sell themselves or use them in vastly different ways. My Father is also an artist who focuses on fusing and lampworking glass and I use his work frequently. I combine vintage glass beads from all over the world, Swarovski crystals and art glass beads to create my unique designs because texture is as important as color combination to me. I make all of the beaded chain individually from various metals including my new favorite Niobium for its fabulous colors. My sterling silver pieces are all hand fabricated, cut, soldered, and polished. I use natural stones as well as glass, though I prefer the broader range of colors of glass.

As many home based businesses, I cannot do everything myself, so I have kept it in the family. My mother helps with the accounting portion and my father creates some of the glass that I use and does some of the paperwork also. They go with me to shows for help in setting up, sales, breaks, and so on, not to mention driving long distances is always easier with three. We fortunately work well as a team and their support has been invaluable.

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